Web Developer & Creative Designer

Daniel James


Hey there! My name is Daniel James and I'm a London based Digital designer with over 9 years of experience. I relish the opportunity to enhance the UX of brands, both big and small.

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Web Development



Taking TouchLoops initial 'proof of concept' ideas, my extensive knowledge of web design and UX has allowed them to now begin trading using a new platform that delivers great customer experience.

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Web Design



I have produced a huge range of digital and printed assets for the brand, including; Company website, branding manuals, pitch documents, company policy documents, social media content and much more.

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UI Design



The company was looking to rebrand their website with a new look and feel to enhance user experience and increase online sales. I was responsible for designing the front end of their website.

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Web Development



WedgedIn was looking to launch a new website to attract customers and introduce online sales. I was responsible for the creative direction, design and development of their complete brand and website.

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